Hi, I'm Tom 👋

Product designer eager engineer
strategist wild innovator proud dad
creative leader aspiring musician.

My Path

I've started in print, went to advertising, fell in love with UX, and I'm transitioning to engineering for the last couple of years.

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My Tools

I've became proficient with many tools over the 16 years of my design career.

illustrator photoshop sketch zeplin figma invision after effects final cut spline views nhost vercel vs code hasura iterm github unity amplitude google analytics

My Skills

I'm a full-stack product designer with an obsessive engineering disorder.

Product Strategy

I lead Design Thinking sessions, stakeholder brainstorming meetings, customer interviews, create competitive analysis, customer journey, and help with business model ideation. I focus on mapping research outcomes to business expectations.


I create wireframes and flows, taking into account essential edge cases. My first recommendation is to bring the product to the market as soon as possible. I will often make fully functional prototypes to start gathering real-time user feedback.

High Fidelity

My favourite style is heavily inspired by the scandinavian school of clean, functional, and playful design. I'm proficient in Sketch, Illustrator, Figma, but I like experiment with unconventional tools like Spline, Unity, and Blender.


I've been transitioning to engineering for the last couple of years by making active contributions to the code base. I'm experienced in production quality HTML and CSS. I continuously upskill in practical knowledge of Javascript and React.

Interaction Design

Animations, transitions, transforms, SVG effects, HMTL canvas illustrations, 3D games... I've done it all, and I remain fascinated by the world of interaction design. My main focus is on a smooth user experience and engagement.

Data Analysis

I use data analytics to inform my product design decisions. I have the most success with Amplitude and Mix Panel for applications. I would always recommend Hotjar for the website analytics software. My goal is to iterate and improve user experience continuously.

Deep Learning

I've started my adventure with Machine Learning not long ago, but I can already see how important it will be in the future of product design. I'm exploring converstational interfaces, dynamic layouts, and face recognition features.

My Impact Map

I'm a goal driven creative go-getter, but there is always a team behind each of my achievements.

The Collaboration

I've co-created a designer-friendly abstraction on top of React to enable full collaboration between designers, engineers, and product owners.

Views Tools
Accessible design system
Flexible environment configuration
State modeled in folder-like structure
Start apps with one click
Create new React projects
Clean key-value interface settings
Use React components
Add new Views to control the state
Fully extandable React logic and data queries
I believe design and engineering are the same. Unfortunately, software developement is complex, and engineering tools are hard to use by less-technical designers and product owners. I'm part of the movement with a goal to simplify software delivery process! I'm notoriously involved in reinventing the design tooling to make the designer-developer experience as integrated as possible.
We call it, Views.

My Tech Skills

I enjoy breaking things and putting them back together. I spend at least two hours a day learning.

react skills react skills tensor skills c skills js skills html skills css skills views skills
Tom Github contributions

The Products

The latest products I've helped deliver are in the dental and orthodontic practice management space.

target group
The user group ranges from young, tech-saavy teenagers to grandmas and grandpas.
The system aims at the first time and the power users, and has to be intuitive despite many features.
Medical form app

Digital Medical Forms

Replaces paper forms with digital, Typeform-like experience (one question at the time). Patients can provide required information at their convenience. Full compatibility with legacy software over a REST service. Over 50 questions in the flow with 10 custom made React components.
My responsibilities: Discovery, Design, Interface Implementation
Status: In production, access for existing patients
Appointment Widget app

Appointment Widget

Online appointment booking for new patients of dental and orthodontic clinics. 295% increase in new patients exams. Seamless experience for the clinics since the data was integrated into their practice management software.
My responsibilities: Discovery, Design, Interface Implementation
Status: In production, embeded in clinic's websites. Watch showcase
Direct Dental Care app

Direct Dental Care Portal

Data management platform directly connects dental providers and patients saving out-of-pocket costs of preventive care for patients, and generating additional income for providers. 73 user-facing features in total, in 3 apps. 6 months of active development.
My responsibilities: Delivery Strategy, Discovery, Design, Interface Implementation
Status: In production, available at directdentalcare.com
Patient communication app

2-ways Patient-Clinic SMS Communicator

An integrated way for the clinical professionals to stay in close contact with patients. Extreamly important in the pandemic times when patients have to wait outside to be called in. Gives full visibility and control of communication patients including Net Promoter Score functionality.
My responsibilities: Discovery, Design, Interface Implementation
Status: In production, internal product

My Remote Culture

I communicate a lot with my team. I make myself available for calls and discussions. I like to listen to people's opinions and I'm not afraid to speak up.

My Favourite Remote Collaboration Tools

slack tandem hangout trello pitch monday

My Writing

I share what I've learned, and learn from what others share.

After work

I'm a dad, musician, maker, photographer, explorer.

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